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Read ::: intention the ::: arbitrary choice of a number ) ,christin louboutin shoes A moderately successful, ~ 99 number ten and the sum subtracted and then choose the number of For example : You choose the number 23 , then 2 +3 = 5,christin louboutin shoes And the quicker and dead, and then 23-5 = 18 in the chart to find out the conclusion that the number of the corresponding graphic and keep in mind the hearts of this graphic , and then click crystal ball . You will find that the graphics displayed by the crystal ball is that the graphics you have just made ​​a mental note --------------- since the --------------------------- This article is reproduced : brother : read minds : .. was scared , really good prospective . QQ mailbox space for reading subscriptions brother What is the reading room ?

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School job fair, Michelin (tires) of a pen questions: Why do not shock a bird standing on the high-voltage? bedroom, a classmate of my answer: because it is dressed in the Michelin brand rubber shoes! a result, he is the only school to be employed undergraduate ... next door to the kid finally vowed to lose weight - graduation job fair, someone said to him: my cell phone signal ......; to go out shopping, found a shop decked out with all kinds of clothes, close the door glass: shop big bargain, grade suit 30 yuan / set, shirt 5 / ... hearts inexplicably pleased: such a good thing I finally caught up with! So hurry inside red on the moment at the door looked up and saw: that the dry cleaners! the go to school collar diploma excitement I pulled a passing man asked: I Beida a students dormitory to Mongolia, freshman reported to each other on Mongolian students, said: the second year of school, Mongolian students said: Roommates worry about him, after all, in western China's economic situation is indeed conscience intellectuals worried ... third year of school, Mongolian students said: tuition fees! Welcome to Mongolian students silent for a child, said: cars, this year he wants to change, in order to sell a good price, he re-sprayed over the paint, and decided to put the car away table down. When he open the cover, circuit board densely English identity, even after the is often said that the four silly × What is it? (Baidu) the Tags: 0 - :2007 -2-115: 07 Tags: the user v-Menli the best answer to the three : believe that taxes for the road, I believe The officer is to serve the people, I believe to buy insurance is to provide protection, I believe that any issue can find Baidu! the sell tiger Carrefour, nothing; The two people that Carrefour selling tiger, also lacks; When the third person said Carrefour to sell Tiger - Wal-Mart will anxious to purchase it! Jin Yong decided to modify the end of the Recently, a famous writer Jin Yong, revealed to our reporter, recently he will be the end of the Then the earlier version,Christian Louboutin_Margi Diams, Guo Xiang due to lack of Yang Guo's love depressed end, Yang Guo to bring the Maid disappeared many readers sighed with regret. In this regard, Mr. Jin Lao creating in effect many years later, decided to re-modify this at the end. Mr. Jin Lao revealed in the new version of the and let Yang Guo gave birth to Guo Xiang Zhang San-feng, makes the follow-up Mr. Jin Lao also said excitedly, the final outcome on the tomb makes the book , as well as Sting, multi Gaotou ah! night and MM dinner, TV is broadcast Therefore, in the table and wrote: man, give me leave the place to do the cheat sheet please? every other day someone replies. A: Dude, sorry, this is the last base I wrote and published the ...... B: Day! I Zuifan you people, and made every time I go to bed together is the lyrics of the face is not the answer! ! evening wrong word, my wife and I divorced. wife: hee hee, you want a boy or a girl? me: as long as it is on the line .....; old Guo just drive that would be a single word: cow! This day through a red light stopped by the police to hurry to the car slowly stopped on the roadside, when he stood in the door next to the traffic police looked very painful, old Guo was about to open the door to get off the cotton, the traffic police at the door crying said: a handsome, rich woman not satisfied; proprietress selected a number of strong guy,christin louboutin shoes as economists say. That, the rich woman is still not satisfied. The boss asked that rich woman you want in the end what, rich woman, said to be good physical energy up, able to work overtime, able to stay up all night, the boss a happy mouth shouted: ! ! Called yesterday even shoe city shopping, see a couple, pointing to a pair of shoes to ask how much money. salesman: 240. couples: cheaper? salesman: you sincerely to buy, then province taxi money! couples: a taxi back to Beijing? ? ? 70. train carrying the world on a Russian to come up with a bottle of vodka, drink a few mouthfuls of put the whole bottle of wine thrown out the window. Cubans asked: Americans ask: results, Cantonese out the window and threw a lot of HK. Wenzhou out the window and throw a lot of real estate license. Beijingers out the window and threw the documents of approval of a suitcase in the Olympics. out the window and throw the four listed companies. Northeast out the window and threw half a dozen BMW. Shanxi out the window and threw a five boxes of detonators, explosives. Henan out the window and threw a 30 five fake monk. Xinjiang to see a fire, pulled out from the body 60 multiple sizes ranging from wallet, cell phone, all thrown out the window! At this time, next to stand up to a Xi'an, he thought to hesitate a long time, and finally find out from the luggage of a dozen private universities in the admission notice, forty-five Kaoyan remedial classes in advertising and a stack of high-tech wealth of information reported then gently thrown out the window. child to eat noodles, eating, eating, and I pulled out one from the throat: Ding, how do you class to speak? Penalty and then write his name 100 times! This incorrigible child, you look at the same table Xiong Lin Kui, one to remember! examination cannelloni, behind the girls took one, and shouted: Security answer, said: Sit there and nothing to do, so next to her with the waiter to the magazine, Iraq, said sorry, this is not a magazine, is their price list, Iraq said that over there on the table magazine, ran to bring the Iraqi old far shouted: LP: take Han to buy? ME: to earn the down payment, loan it is. LP: yes, you also completed the purchase price of the house into a heritage that is to buy it? husband hair SMS: move the mother computer. me back: your mother is my mother? him back: I mean - Mom! Computer and move it! crowded bus in night, the car is placed radio broadcasting. A SMS interactive programs, to discuss the theme The results of audience messages sent to the strange and do not know the host is a sense of humor or be cautious, and text messages are read out. the A friend's message is: University, I have a student that likes to skip class, and later he went to the hospital when the surgeon physician, Hell on the operating table on the hard sweat. Z friends SMS most engaged in: then belly special ~ do ~ my wife is pregnant, suspected to be twins, the results to the hospital for a check, polyhydramnios Be considered water as her? pop - the whole car Xiaofan Drivers almost arch to the tree by the roadside. Dance lessons, the teacher gave us to put the three sections of music, in fact, Frank Domingo, but it points put in three sections, then we guess this is what style of music. Boys nap in the back, then called up to answer, the student: justice! When she finished the first coke, she took the empty cup to the counter, Cup! Is to look down on people from the mainland. (Company reported a maximum of 5% off). colleagues sad said: And colleagues of her good relations printer the next pile to fight waste A4 paper stapled together and then a taxi to the door of the State Bureau for Letters and Calls, and get off on holding waste paper shouted: The ... a high school classmate after graduating from high-speed intersection when the toll. One day, the Japanese came to his window to ask the way. Japanese is fluent in English so that one did not understand, but a strong sense of patriotism to tell him not the Japanese lose face in front, he simply smiled and nodded: ; then that the Japanese bike riding 22 on the high-speed!